Modernisation Update

Peer Review

During the review process, we have spent some time sounding out businesses that are willing to offer project management support to take the pump station through to completion. We have    identified 5 suitable parties, all with extensive experience in water supply and they have been provided request for quotation documents to enable them to provide submissions for us to review. Further updates will be provided once more information comes to hand.

Engeny has completed its preliminary review on the Theodore Pump Station and provided a    comment register that Dileigh is in the process of providing a response to. The initial finding is that the pump station design is fit for its intended purpose. The comment register is essentially      information gaps in the detail that need to be clarified before the issued for construction (IFC) plans can be completed. We have asked Dileigh to complete the IFC plans based on the additional information required from the comment register. Once these information gaps are closed, we are less likely to have cost blowouts due to oversights in the planning.

Pipeline Review

John Bower has completed his draft report for the review of the pipeline leaks. His review has encompassed the selection and suitability of the pipes, pipe and seal quality and installation. Part of the review has involved excavation of some of the leaks to measure the joint gaps and these were found to be largely within the tolerance provided by the manufacturer.

During the excavation, our team repaired some of the leaks that were identified adjacent to    Walloon St. We plan on excavating sections further north along Partridge Dr to identify and repair other leaks to hopefully remove the disruption they are causing the adjoining residents and the wider Theodore community. In the process a drainage point was placed near Walloon St to drain the pipeline trench into Castle Ck. This will allow us to monitor if there are further leaks while also reducing the likelihood of the leaks manifesting on the surface.

These running repairs are by no means the long-term solution to our problem and there will be on-going robust discussions on the remediation and liability moving forward. Our aim at this point is to provide some immediate action in fixing the leaks so we can refocus on our business of      supplying water.

Some questions that have been raised from the review are correct supply of pipe, appropriateness of the quality tests conducted on the pipes, quality of the pipe and suitability of the pipe seal. Further internal pipe inspection will be required to provide more definitive answers and allow the fun to begin with rectifying and clarifying liability.

Other Modernisation Items

An update on other modernisation projects as part of our Strategic Asset Management Plan. We have received council approval for the plans for Hewitt’s Crossing rationalisation and Letchford’s Rd drain crossing. We have a further council approval in progress for re-instating the laneway  behind the bifurcation box and for an additional outlet rationalisation project that will offer future savings. The project work for A1 headwall and crossings on E channel do not require council  approval.

We are currently working on quotations for the civil works for each of the projects, supply of precast materials and pattern approved meters. The crossings on E channel will be installed by Theodore Water staff and equipment.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the local Theodore Water Irrigator Directors:   Peter French – 0428166634    Kirk Anderson – 0429181079 

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