Theodore irrigators vote yes to local management

Theodore irrigators will soon have a stake in the future of the region’s irrigation scheme following overwhelming support to transition to local ownership and management from October 1 this year.

Theodore irrigation scheme customers representing more than 95 per cent of the scheme’s water supply, voted to become shareholders in Theodore Water Pty Ltd, the not-for-profit company that will take over ownership and operation on the irrigation infrastructure.

The vote by irrigators in favour of local management has met the requirements of the agreement with State Government and paves the way for the transfer of the scheme assets from the government-owned company SunWater to Theodore Water.

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Who are we?

Theodore Water Pty Ltd is a government owned company that is evaluating and negotiating the potential transition of Theodore’s channel irrigation system to local ownership and management.

Theodore Water Pty Ltd is overseen by a six-member Board comprised of local and independent representatives.

Our Vision is to deliver an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable water resource to local irrigators, businesses, and the Theodore community.

The Scheme

The Theodore Channel Irrigation Scheme is currently owned by SunWater and provides irrigation water to 44 allocation holders covering approximately 3000 ha land located either side of the Dawson River.

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