Theodore irrigators vote yes to local management

On 6 April 2018, Theodore Water and the State Government entered an agreement to transfer the Theodore distribution scheme to local management. The transfer is conditional on sufficient customer support for the proposal.

Water allocation holders within the scheme will shortly receive an offer document, setting out the terms of a proposal for implementing local management and inviting those allocation holders to become shareholders in Theodore Water.

If you are an allocation holder in the scheme, then the Board of Theodore Water recommends you support the proposal and accept the offer. To do so, you will need to complete the support and acceptance form, which will be sent to you with the offer document. The form needs to be received in Brisbane by 5pm on Wednesday 30 May 2018.

The Board will be holding a meeting to discuss the local management proposal at the Theodore Hotel at 6pm on Friday 20 April.

For local management to proceed, customers representing at least 70% of the water allocations supplied by the scheme (by volume) need to support the proposal and at least 50% need to elect to become shareholders in Theodore Water.

For more information about the offer contact a member of the Board:
Malcolm Finlayson Chair: 0409 765 200
Peter French Deputy Chair: 0428 166 634
Greg Austin Director: 0409 931 614
Kirk Anderson Director: 0429 181 079
Ed Donohue Director: 0418 154 914
Sarah Cox Director: 0418 152 859

Media Release – Theodore irrigators vote yes to local management.

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